QTalk Language Program now at Start-Rite

Parents, how would you like to hear your child speak in full sentences in the language
of your choice from day one?

 What is the QTalk Method?

Unlike traditional language techniques, QTalk inspires verbal production immediately. Perhaps the most significant aspect of QTalk is that it eliminates the translation process for good. QTalk, in fact, most closely resembles the organic process by which humans acquire language – the simple association of sound with image.

"QTalk is a method based on a series of intuitive images representing subjects, verbs, objects, places, conjugations and much more. We invite children and adults to interpret these images, as they are placed side by side, in the form of sentences. A simple technique of introduction allows for the students to immediately understand their meaning. From the very first lesson, you are able to interpret and construct sentences, thereby learning grammar by actually using it.

Gradually, children and adults are invited to interpret scenes and stories. The program consists of a hard copy and electronic workbook, flash cards, game boards and a series of online games." - Maurice Hazan, Founder of Qtalk Method

Download and print the registration form.